Friday, July 16, 2010

Steal the Look:Blake Lively

While I was doing my morning blog run - I came across this amazing outfit that Blake Lively was wearing while "Out and About" in Paris filming the new season of "Gossip Girl"- I was super excited let me add. Anyway, I was just so in love with the outfit, I just had to do a Bitchie on A Budget . Although these are not the exact same pieces that she is wearing they are very similar and are cost friendly for all those fashionistas on a budget and that's what the steal the look is all about...
XOXO Monet


  1. I could really work this!!! how bout doing something with leopard pants? I just got some & don't know what to wear with them.

  2. Thanks... IDK if I would wear leopard pants (TOO MUCH) but I do love leopard IF done in moderation so how about wearing some leopard wedge pumps or maybe a cute leopard scarf or clutch... Later on today I will create a look for you that incorporates the leopard theme but at the same time doesn't "OVERKILL"....
    XOXO MOnet