Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Are you Ready?

What do all females have in common, well besides being attracted to the opposite sex – fashion? Females loved looking good and even if you aren’t that radiant beauty knowing how to dress yourself gives you that certain edge. I am a fashionista; my passion is clothing and how to put together the right pieces to spell success.

We all have different budgets or some of us are not limited or constrained by a pocket book that loads down our taste. For the ones that can shop until they drop – good for you. But for the ones that do not have that luxury of a surplus of money beware – you can look great too. It’s about knowing how to select the right pieces to complement your wardrobe – it’s about knowing how to use accessories to make a fashion statement. Colors, shapes, styles and accessories are very important in learning how to get that look!!! It’s about being adventuress and not being intimidated by clothing – that’s right some of us are too scared. Wrong choices can destroy an outfit and the right pieces can send a message to the world, that you are the one!!! Many of us do not understand that yes you can wear pink with blue and plaid with poka dots. Yes, you can put silk,velvet and lace with jeans or corduroy – vintage with new. Open up your eyes to the possibility that anyone can learn how to dress for success. If you’re ready to learn how to get that look – then welcome to 101 a voyage of fashion.
XOXO Monet

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